• coChel!a 2o17 ft. Amazora & Catalyst (My First Vlog)


    Check out our latest vlog. Featuring the notorious Amaroza and myself.

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    Amanda's ready for the summer and apparently "Single!?" Watch what she's got going on this summer 2017 and leave a like for her creativity and PATIENCE♥
    Cochella Part 1
    Cochella Part 2

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  • New Album Dropping on my Birthday (5/27/17)


    Yaaas! The time has come It's been long awaited but announcing today that my new Album will be coming out on May 27, 2017!! I'm so excited to show you all what I've been hiding and can't wait for the feedback. It's been a LONG TIME coming and I'm so proud of this Album I think you all will like this one!

  • COCHELLA 2017


    More Pics coming soon just wanted to upload this one of me and the bestie before I started editing!! The full album will be posted here so stay tuned!

  • Monthly Artist Shout-Out [March]


    This month's artist shout-out goes to my good friend Amanda Allanson. You can find her work at Red Bubble She also has a Patreon which I advise everyone to check out.

  • Do you like Scary Stories?


    The amazing Tristian Rowe walked into class last night and threw a drawing down in front of me. Was puzzled for a minute. Looking at a faint figure in the background and a scared white boy beside it. The white boy looked like me. She whispered in my ear, "You're my Cover." I looked again and realized she had painted me. Actually a hotter version of me. My buddy's writing a new series of short stories. I'M SO PROUD. SCARY ghost stories. SHE'S GONNA BE FAME, EVEN THOUGH SHE STOLE MY NAME! Though I read some outlines. Can't wait to read the final product. SHOUT OUT!

  • Project: SLNDR


    Though my first album's coming out soon, I'm, impatient. Project SLNDR is a collaboration between artists all over california. This project doesn't include lyrics, it's pure intruments and sounds. Something I've grown close too. It's great to meet new people and create music that'll last long after I die. Want to hear it? Next time you're at the store, put your ear next to your credit card when you swipe it. Our music won't be droppinng this year, but applications are always welcome. Posting instructions soon. Send me you're work if you'd like.

  • Liquifaction 2016


    Yes, we all love to drink. But what if we could drink and wake up the next morning with no hangover? What if we could choose the flavor of our drink? That's the concept we've created here. Of course the details are still being worked out...but the idea is Liquifaction.

  • Grant's 2016 Travel Guide


    Getting ready for the trip back home can get hectic. Make sure you have these go to gadgets in your carry on to eliminate that airport dull. Listed below are links where you can find the above essentials. Full Image

    A - Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Main) - Samsung Galaxy Note5, 32GB, Black Sapphire ($799)
    Sign documents while enjoying a movie, this phone has the screen your eyes deserve.

    B - Beats Wired (Backup) - Beats Tour 2 ($130)
    Always bring a backup pair of headphones. A good way to get ripped off is purchasing headphones from an airport. The last thing you want is getting stuck somewhere without music.

    C - iPad (Backup) - iPad Mini 2 ($269)
    Although not necessary, packing an extra tablet can be very handy. I use my iPad for movies and surfing the web. This way I'm not draining the battery on my main tablet. It will be fully charged if needed. Also iPad's, in my opinion, have a longer battery and can handle more movies.

    D - Note 4 (Backup) - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ($550)
    Also not essential but very helpful. Say if your main mobile dies from surfing twitter for two hours during your delay this can help. Backup phones don't even need service you can use a previous mobile to hold music and save battery onn your main phone. There's wifi practically every 20 miles, keep a backup in your car for road trips.

    E - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Main) - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, ($200)
    If you want to get things done your way, stick with Android. Although I use both platforms for work; I prefer android for it's customization and proficiency. Gaming, skyping, and presenting come easy with this tab.

    F - Beats Wireless (Main) - Beats Studio Wireless ($380)
    I can't mention Beats without mentioning it's reputation. Yes they are expensive, so of course people are going to slander them instead of give in to their overwhelming price. If you have the money I highly reccommend these headphones. Sure there are better options out there... but the battery life and sound clarity is perfect for me. Until the next best thing of course.

    G - Dust Brush 1 - Best Buy Brushes ($1+)
    Don't leave your devices neglected just because you're traveling. With this brush you can go camping and not have to worry about dirt effecting your gadgets.

    H - Stylus/Pen - Best Buy Styluses
    So simple, yet always forgotten. There's always that one time you'll need it.

    I - Dust Brush 2 - Best Buy Brushes ($1+)
    Backup brushes just incase you misplace your main brush.

    J - Charger (Android) - Best Buy Chargers ($2+)
    Charger, charger, charger, don't forget the fucking charger.

    K - Mobile Clipper - Target Clippers ($20+)
    This is a personal preference. No one else is touching my hair.

    L - Charger (Apple) - Best Buy Chargers ($2+)
    "Grant you forgot the charger, didn't you?"

    M - Charger 2 (Android) - Best Buy Chargers ($2+)
    "Good thing I brought a backup."

    N - Canon Vixia HF200 - Canon Vixia HF200 ($756)
    Although my note does fine camera work sometimes you want a more professional look. As a photo/videographer I always keep a portable camera with me to capture all the important memories.

    O - Lenovo YP Ultrabook - Lenovo Yoga Pro ($1,650)
    Incase work calls. I always carry my laptop. I know it's ridiculous but having a keyboard is nice when longer messages are needed. Plus the battery life out performs both tabs. FINALLY; it's a tablet so I'm not missing anything.

    P - Watch (Play) - Target Budget Watches ($10+)
    This is another personal preference. Yes I have an iWatch. BUT. I refuse to wear it. It's not Android friendly therefor I don't bother much with it. However my analogs are a must. This Rolex is for play, anywhere I'm not wearing fancy shoes.

    Q - Watch (Formal) - Oyster Perpetual (10K+)
    My formal Rolex is saved for dinners, dates, and special occasions. You might want to take a cheaper route depending on your budget.

    This wraps up my must have's for all the 2016 adventures. Make sure to Google any product you're interested in to find current rates, may save you some pennies. Happy Holidays annd Safe Travel!
  • SLNDR v.2


  • SLNDR v.1


  • Tuneage v.1


  • 2015 Mockup v.1


    Not sure how well I like this design layout yet, still in rough draft form. Wanted to create something to showcase a chuck of aspect relating to my work. I've seen others do it and got inspiration from them. I'll post an update later.

  • Dreaming of Egypt


    One of my bucket list items is to go see the pyramids in Egypt, they seem like a huge part of history and I need to see them in real life. I came up with this wallpaper from a dream I had. From what I remember I entered an underground passage from this triangle shaped door that had a mechanical code on it. The code "read" my emotions and opened up to a tunnel leading to the bottom of the pyramids. I walked under the pyramids to find a green forrest which kind of reminds me of Avatar. Maybe I had to much wine that night but it was a fantastic dream and lead to this image.

  • Business Card (2015)


    My 2015 version business card. Heads up, if you know anyone looking for business cards send them to my site, they can be requested under the 'Contact' tab. They are not as common these days but still an easy way to trade information.

  • Know What You're Drinking.


    Make sure you know what you're drinking by saving this image to your phone. Impress your surrounding drunks by pointing out their drinks annd sparking up a related conversation. It's easy to tell by the color highlights found within their glasses. They will not only be impressed but interested in what else you have to say.

    Full Beer Chart
  • Chemical Tuneage Wallpaper (4K)


    Tuneage has been one of my main dreams since highschool. Beginning orginally in Nor Cal it's slowly evolved into southern roots. I've had the chance to use music collabs as a gateway to new friendships and many memorable projects. Shortly we'll be launching a spin off collab which will have an emphasis on EDM. :D Previously released tracks can be found on my Soundcloud.

    DL Wallpaper
  • Graphic Work


    Graphic art is a huge part of my life. It's a mirror into my soul and everything good and evil that comes along with it. I love taking what I see and arranginng it into dreams I have, this is one of those examples.

    DL Wallpaper
  • Artwork


    Drawing is an artform that took me a while to get used to, still getting used to it, this is one of my first completed pieces: "I am Groot".

    DL Wallpaper
  • Inspiration: Dali Facts


    Another recent school project. Short slide show including intresting facts about Salvador Dali. This was my introduction into his lifestyle and I'm already pretty interested about his techniques and style. If your looking for some good quotes this slide show covers it.

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  • Short Poetry


    Recent school project thought I'd share. Might inspire you, the album mainly consists of short poetry in both rhyme and non-rhyme form. Check it out leave a short poem in the comments, Express yourself.

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  • No Shave November


    I survived no shave November. Some of my friends didn't make it but many of them couldn't let it go. It's like muscles that don't need to be worked out, they just grow with no effort. For me it was more of 'let's finish something we started,' no matter how homeless I looked. Yes it was sad to shave off but there's always next November!